Every Day Life

Count It

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Every time you speak I hear your conflict, you've backpedaled to the point I've become sick.
That's why I will cease with my mouth for war, capture the day and speak the love once more.
And seed you with desire to continue on, release the sick and them that curse the dawn.
Deny the love of another man's blessings, defenses up counterpoint the second-guessing.


COUNT IT, of the words you'll speak
COUNT IT, the hope they'll find
COUNT IT, the mind of the meek
This seed tears apart from the inside.
COUNT IT, of the seed that sown
COUNT IT, this evil ride
COUNT IT, when will you see?
Your seed tears me apart from the inside.

Rip, tear, break, smash my heart apart, refuse this allowance, bring it back to the start.
Your false words are lies and we can all see, and through the hardest of times I saw you next to me.
My desire is peace, my prayer in manifest, open up my arms and count myself blessed.
And if denial is something that will plague my mind, renew in me the rightful place I pray to find.


Rip, tear, break, every time you speak...