C.B. Green

Count on me!

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I'm the kind who always sings
That won't buy you diamond rings
But I'm on my way
Write a hit some day

Just a hope that keeps me strong
Makes me know where I belong
And I'm in too deep
And the faith I keep

Nothing to rely on but a stupid chain of tones
Makes my heart beat faster, keeps me rollin on

Like a river on the sea
You can always count on me
Ain't no bigger fool to be
-Count on me
-Count on me

Don't you ask me to explain
I confess I'm still the same
You can count on me
I will always be

Don't you wait for me to change
I'm too old to rearrange
And it's hard to see:
I am proud to be

When I'm old and lonely I will be allright
Get my strings on stage and - play all through the night

Like a...

Too late to change what is right
Old friend is still by my side
You can count on me, count on me
You can count on me, you can count on me