David and The Giants

Count On Me

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I am determined and I've Settled my mind
To take my cross and follow you this time
I've played the world with all the fun and the games
But in return it brought me so much shame
Now together we stand in the heart of your plan
Through the storms of the night
I'll hold on to your hand

You can count on me
When you're looking for love
You're the dream of my dreams
My gift from above
You can count on me
To be faithful and true
In whatever I do
You can count on me

I've made this promise by your grace I will keep
To always hold you where the feelings run deep
My soul is anchored in the harbor of love
From here I see the glory of the Dove
When it's all said and done
And the race has been won
When you add it all up
You'll still be number one

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