Mel McDaniel


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Lookin' at the frog he ate up my fishbite sittin' on the bank of the riverside
Took a little drink from a jug of moonshine didn't have a chaser and almost died
Thinkin' bout workin' on monday mornin' never can wait till quittin' time
Just to git down to the water and to wet my fish in line

Well i'm countryfied i like my chicken fried
Walk barefootin' through the country side
Well i'm country folk i like to roll my smokes
I love to hear a fiddle playin' the cotton eyed joe

[ fiddle ]
Never been much on conversation and say i'm hell when i get tight
Love to git out my old coondog and shine up a few at night
Like to sit around a campfire and hear old bluebird work
Runnin' them cage of critters while everything is worth

Well i'm countryfied i like my chicken fried...

[ fiddle ]
I like to sit down with my woman watch tv at the suppertime
Snuggle we'll close together cause she knows how to ease my mind
Talk about days when we were younger think about day when we get old
Like the lazy days of summer we like to watch the fallin' snow

Well i'm countryfied i like my chicken fried...

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