Hank Locklin

Country Hall Of Fame

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I was roaming round in Nashville in the state of Tennessee

For I love that country music it's as soulful as can be

I have gathered their the records for I cherished every name

So I found myself a standing in the Country Hall of Fame
My heart beat somewhat faster as I walked in through the oor
For I heard the sound of voices I had often heard before
A happy kind of sadness brought a teardrop to my eye
Now I'll tell you what I saw there and I'm sure that you'll see why

Jimmie Rodgers' railroad lantern and his faithful old guitar

I could hear that old blue yodel coming from somewhere afar

Roy Acuff in bronze likeness with that great Fred Rose his friend

And I heard that Wabash Cannonball somewhere around the bend

The guitar of Eddy Arnold memories of Cattle Call

Chet Atkins will be with him when the work's all done this fall
From the autoharp of Maybelle Wildwood Flower seems to ring

Rally Packett and Gid Penner how they all could pick and sing

I could hear George Hay announcin' as I stood there in the room

I could hear Tex Ritter singing his classic song High Noon

Minnie Pearl so glad to be there and Hank Snow keeps Movin' On
May the Lord bless those still living and the ones who's joined his throne

Cowboy Copas Hawkshaw Hawkins Gentleman Jim and Patsy Cline

Rod Bradsfield Ira Louvin these stars will always shine

Ernest Tubb and great Red Foley and Hank Williams bless his name
Though some are gone they'll live forever in the Country Hall of Fame

Autor(es): Karl Davis

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