Mel Street

Country Pride

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Well go ahead and call me a country boy
I couldn't hide it even if I tried
I'm a country boy from the hills of old Virginia
Where the country folks got lots of country pride
Well daddy raised us working in a coal mine
But mama's love was always by his side
When things got rough we've just got rough with 'em
And through it all we've never lost our country pride
There's never been a better chance in hist'ry
To make our life a better way to live
And I think of this and I see blessing
Because we've never been afraid to give
Every time I see Ol' Glory wavin' somewhere
I feel my heart just swelling up inside
I'm proud to be a country boy from the greatest land of all
And I thank you Lord for all this country pride
[ guitar ]
Go ahead and smile when I say you all
But I see you like your chicken southern fried
It don't really matter where you come from
As long as your heart's full of country pride
Every time I see Ol' Glory...
I thank you Lord for all this country pride

Autor(es): Betty Carol

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