Jack Johnson

Country Road

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Head on collision on a 2 lane country road
Lord I pray let them be safe
No turning back I'm just a mile away from home
I sit here waiting let me be patient

Sometimes it's hard to ease my mind to realize
You're always with me waiting, willing
To hear my prayers my hopes
My dreams, my every need

I pray for wisdom and overstanding

What's meant to be will always be though I controll my destiny
Free will you gave me even though you made me
Be careful of the things you do it eventually comes back to you
Universal law, babylon shall fall

I pray for light in times of darkness

Destruction of civilizations past is consequence of forests thrashed
The air you breathe comes directly from trees
What goes up must come back down
What goes around comes back around
The things you do shall be done unto you

I pray for peace in times of war

Autor(es): Paula Fuga