Country Song (NoFX Should Listen More Ramones)

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Never been in Alabama
I don´t know anything from there
All I know is that is a pretty word I swear
Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
All I know is that is a pretty word, I swear

Never been in Idaho
I don´t know anything about
Maybe there´s a pig contest in that town
I´m not sure, I don´t remember
Maybe it happens in November
All I know is that Idaho is a country word

R: Alabama: A cool word to say
California: I go away
Idaho: A place to stay
All I know is that in Tennessee I shoot whiskey in my veins

Never been in California
And I know I´d like that place
But that punk rock scene would make me go away
That kinda melodic HC
Can make me puke my intestines
I know that guitar solos make me sick

NOFX, Propaghandi is the same
Blink, Lag Wagon and No Use for a Name
Too many chords in just one song
I think they should listen more Ramones

Never been in Tennessee
I know Jack Daniel´s is from there
The best whiskey maybe is from the best town
There are so many places I´d like to go
My Country Song around the world
I love to travel with my dear(beer) band

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