Kill Your Idols

Cousin Fred

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Got my gun,
Got my beer
lets go out
and kill some deer.

Me, You and Cousin Fred
One of us will come back dead
give me a beer
hurry up let's get in the pickup truck
we ain't got no time to lose
gimmie a gun
pass the booze
how can you call this a sport
to kill something with no remorse

lets go out
I need to kill
that's the way I get cheap thrills
sitting and waiting to attack
its easiest when they don't fight back

give me a gun
here they come
lets go out
and have some fun
there he is
looking at me
I'm so drunk
I can barely see

I don't care
ill let it fly
and hit the deer between the eyes
now I got him
I shot him dead
I show my cousin Fred
he was hiding behind a tree
now he's dead
in front of me

Autor(es): Kill Your Idols

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