The Ready Aim Fire!

Covered In Bruises

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Then the drinks sank in and we drowned in them.
My hip dug into your side.
There were ghosts dancing under streetlights and they were singing, "
I was in love once, yeah, yeah,
I was in love once."
And the smoke rolled out your mouth like a girl
I sang about, but now every word is hollowed out, like echoes in an empty house.
I was in love once, and it was nothing like this, but
I don't mind,
I don't mind,
I don't mind.
And we detoxed in your bed til it soaked through the mattress.
You thought the world had ended, so you slipped out of your dress.
You were covered in bruises that you don't even try, that you don't even try to hide, yeah.
Well, we tried to quit til we ached for it, til the heat burned through our clothes.
Our shadows were pulsing with the lights, the ghosts were screaming all their lines, but their voices sound, oh, yeah, they sound just like our own, singing, "
This is a shell of a building, this is a frame of a bed, this is a silhouette of sex with no context, with no context."
And your nails dug into my back. "
Baby, the world has ended and we, we fell through the cracks, yeah."
Oh, if there is a heaven, we would never have got in.
We're both covered in bruises that we don't have to try to hide.

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