Brian May

Covered in Rain

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These days with the world getting colder
She spends more time sleeping over
Than I planned
Tonight we're gonna order in
Drinkin wine and watching CNN
Its dark I know but then again
It's the brightest thing I've got

When I'm covered in rain, rain
When I'm covered in rain, rain, rain, rain
Now I'm covered in rain, rain
Covered in rain

From fireworks to fireplaces,
Summer stole what fall replaces
And now we're people watching
All the people people watching us right now
Standing by the missing signs
At the CVS, by the checkout line
She puts her quiet hands in mine,
Cause she's the brightest thing I got


Come December Lydia left
She mentioned something about it being for the best
And I can't say I desagree
It's killing me
Now we're standing facing west
Tracing my fingers around the silhouette
I haven't gotten used to it yet
But it's the brightest thing I've got