Paul Oakley

Cover me

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Cover me like a river
Rushing deep with life
Come to me like a lover
Returning in the night
You are Truth, you are strength
You are Love and you are Light
You are warmth, you are shelter
You are all I have

I need you to surround me
So I can breathe again
I feel your kiss upon me
Burning through my skin

Run to me like a brother
When I'm wounded in the fight
Stay with me like a mother
I need you by my side
Be my hope, be my prayer
Be my watchman in the night
While this flame dimly flickers
Hold me in your arms

I need you to sustain me
Through this darkest night
I feel your fire within me
Somewhere deep inside

Like an angel coming to me
Like a healer, you renew me
Like a fire you consume me
Like a Saviour, you give me your life
You've given me your life

Autor(es): Martin Cooper / Paul Oakley

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