Noxious Emotion

Cover Me Up

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Freshly comatose fragments of the mind
Reproduce a point of view too strange to be understood
But all assuming they do
Fraudulent usage of a brain
Stimulus to the weak through religious ceremonies of the dead
Cremate a God to stand
To be able to conquer a planet which doesn't fight back
Poison our minds with perfumes of boredom and intrigue
Which are not ours
Sprinkling our fate with a sugar coating
By saying we will gain retribution in heaven
Life is too short
Refuse to allow yourself to break the bonds
By which your parents brainwash
Mixing together all to a gray pattern
But looking through rose tinted glasses to see colors
Imagined swallowing dirt
Offering nothing in return
And sensing the need
Skull gashed open
Slipping out a gurgled slime of memories
Jumbled in short sharp shocks of synapse
Misfire, squeeze out the middle filament of a fixture
To set apart from completion
Retorted and distorted in an edit
Splice a burning sensation between the consciousness
And the dream from behind the door
A scream rebounded
Ricochet of a bullet
Buzz and hitting
In the throat, a dry hack with blood bubbles
Hard to breath
Shocked out of existance
Profanity thunder cracks
And streaks of chalk running together on a sidewalk
And down the drain of diseased trash
Thwarting the childlike mind to comply
4.5 billion entering the techno future nightmare
What turns you on?
A buzzing monotone of computers
Blinking in a hexadecimal orgy of pulsing light
Holding down on the switch to catch a better high
Electrodes of brain spheres
Templates of ecstasy, pleasure, pain, synapse
Tendons reflex to the beat and relax again
To be twisted knots
Flesh melting under ashes of beta radiation from a darkened sky of fallout
Flash white, orange, red, black
Drawing further away to set apart tracers for the future of our race
With no tears for the ultraviolet radiation sickness
Puking up mucus membrane between meals of dead carnage
Sleeping under fallout of darkness
Undressed ozone to expose the forgetful but not forgiven
A garbage scow howling
Five families to die in an ash covered grave site
Vegetation taking on a new hue of brown decay

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