At War

Covert Sins

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Covert Sins
We must way till nightfall for the time when its dark and cold!
Behind enemy lines in the place where we know they control!
Make way to the checkpoint just a few clicks from here on the hill!
Our reinforcements help us to move in for the kill!
Orders are extractions silently remove them quick and clean!
Hostage to the violent, greedy unrelenting new regime!
Closer to their hideout moving in we must be prepared!
Taking many chances, losing nothing by just having dared!

Enter into covert sins with world's alive tonight!
Stalking thrill of mental skill's a game!
Extracting information using anyway we can!
Living edge of death's own dredge the world has gone insane!

Forcing economies in their worst of times to collapse!
Protect their own system to suffer not again from relapse!
Causing bigus scandals from all around the world to appear!
People mistrust leaders, knowing and aware that lies are near!
Supply the weapons let them believe that we're for their cause!
Let them kill each other laughing all the while hear loud applause!
Doing their dirty work conscious won't affect they feel no pain!
Harvest someone elses brutally fought and won struggle gain!


No mas comunista in or near our homeland porfavor!
To stop the encroachment future domination they live for!
Lesser of two evils knowing that's the only one who gets support!
Make sure moscows's allies in the end go home and loose the fort!
Mistrust hstred and fear start to cause the problems from both sides!
Causing the goverments diplomatic walls then collide!
Talk disarmament many reasons put it on standby!
It will never happen reasons all around that you know why!