Cover Up

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Lost yourself
in the couch
swimming with all the change again...
waking up indifferent.

Day after day,
just one constant slap
in the face
keeps you awake.

Waking up inside
bleeding through the eyes
caught up confused

All the anchors sigh,
strapped to the floor;
Nothing left to lose.

Now that you've got a trail to cover up,
why are you whispering to me?
And deep inside my room
there's no such thing as light
passing through these bars.

Talk out loud.
So I can hear your voice scattered clearly,
lungs breathing evenly.
Often I sleep
and often you'll leave.
Just one more reminder
keeps you wandering.

Wax candles selling out the room.
While the eyes have theirs
is not to be confused.
Change your own name
Change your own name.

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