Tim Be Told

Cover Up Your Scars

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Did you ever hear I love you so, from a lover 2000 years ago?
Well you say that a man, shouldn’t be alone
So I wonder, yes I wonder did you ever called someone your own

You never had a lover, but if you ever did, would they ever break your heart?
Are you strong enough to recover, or would you just forgive?
Or maybe you would fall apart, and cover up your scars

Did you love someone below, but then the father told you no
He said say your goodbyes, to the cross you go
Yes I wonder yes I wonder, but I guess I’ll never know

What if there’s more to this story of what you gave for glory, it’s hidden deep in the stars
Could it be while you were dying, your broken heart was crying, for the lover you would have to depart
Then you covered up your scars