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A portrait which carries the story
Which is always the same
Compare this cross to the next man
To be someone else instead

Weighted with this burden
You believe you're alone
Everyone has something
Life will leave you to learn

Where you see a perfection
Belies a different restraint
Another source of disillusions
Got you fooled in envy

What do you see
What do you think you see
Do you know what you're wishing
Do you know

Hard to find contentment
You can't see
Past your own self hatred
While your...

Time wasters
You don't notice
If you let this beat you

Everyone is equal
If you look a little closer

And wnen you learn to see
That nothing is that serious
You will grasp something to live for
These feeting moments
Will end

To then see this gift
And underline the truth
What we take for life
How we misunderstood