The Monochrome Set

Cowboy Country

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Well, I've got that creepy feeling
Nothing peaceful, nothing easy
Oh, it can't be cowboy country
I'm not feeling bright or breezy
Oh, I've got this creepy feeling
And it feels like something's ended
It's all gone quiet in my head
Something's broken, can't be mended

Well, I've got this crazy heartbeat
And it tells me love is for real
Something's telling me I'm alive
Try to remember how to feel
Well, I've got some real good reasons
But they're not good enough for me
I've heard a lot about living
It's something I'm waiting to see

Well, I've seen this many cities
And I've taken this many planes
This many's how many it takes
To turn life the colour of rain
Looking through too many windows
I don't even care what I see
Just keep second-rate love coming
'Cos it's all the sane
Same to me

What's it all about, blue baby]
Don't tell me, I don't want to know]
What's it all coming to, baby]
You've got it good and I've got it so-so] (Chorus)

Well, I've got that lookalike feeling
You could leave and I wouldn't care
Yeah, you mean everything to me
And everything's up in the air
Well, I'm here in isolation
And I'm looking into empty space
It's all gone quiet in my head
So I'm getting out of
Of this race


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