Da Yoopers

Cowboy Dan

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1. i live up north of michigan where the mighty jackpines grow
In the land of the pasty where strangers seldom go
I?m cowboy dan the cowboy man, i ride the iron range
I?ll play my ole? guitar and sing for a dollar and some change

It?s tough to be a cowboy up here in yooperland
Chasing cows in january would kill the average man
He?s rough and tough and ready
He?s a yooper buck-a-roo
I live on beans and bacon
And lots of sisu too

2. my best friend?s a loggin? horse, his name is stumpy bill
He lost his leg to a snowy snake up on suicide hill
We drive cows like beagle hounds from humboldt to skanee
Cross the rugged piece of land they call the ole u.p.

He roams the plains and deserts with the cowpokes way out west
Wranglin? up here in yooperland is what he likes the best

3. one time out on da keewanee on a hot night in july
We got caught in a snow storm that buried us alive
We laid ?round five minutes, then the weather changed
It went up to 97 out on the copper range

(repeat chorus)

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