Bob Schneider


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So you say you got your mind made up
But could change it if you wanted
And you say that that will never happen
Yeah I've heard it all before my friend
And you're living with a 1,000 demons
And you're haunted by a 1,000 ghosts
And you say that no one understand you
And you're feeling like an alien
But I believe you might change your song
The day the cows come stumbling home

If you spend your whole life running
It'll be a long time coming
Before you see the light

And you say that you're the underdog
And that you never had a chance
And this life is making you crazy
And your just living it the best you can
And your stories hardly ever change
And your situation goes from bad to strange
And you think that everyone's deranged
And you find yourself in constant danger

And from the things you say I must assume
That your future's looking doomy and gloomy
But you still don't want to change your tune
And let the seeds of love in your heart bloom