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And now with no further adue
Allow me to introduce first crackavelli
The boss has gotten worse
Don't get the paremedic get a hurse pull up to the hole

Put that bitch off in reverse
I try to murder 'em with every verse
I've done a million shows never rehersed
It comes natural, I'm a natural, you're a casual
Tee if you even think about f* **in' with me
I've came time and time again and again
Off the top of the mind I didn't require a pen

I only wrote when it was premeditated
A mad man lniitic, don't get me agravated
Hits that I've walked straghter and never hesitated
Afiliated related somehow assosiated
With the greatest that ever played
In my city dawg I used to want my peice
Of the pie now I want it all

I use ta just want now I want your's
Catch 'em at red lights
Kick in they f* **in' doors
Make 'em get on the floor and tell ya where it's at
And when they ask who sent ya
Tell 'em big stak mak

It ain't even safe to have your kids
In the car 'cause these fakers know you paid and they know where you are and where you live at, what kind of
Life is that motion censors and gaurd dogs
These people got gaurds dawg
I swear to God I'm not runnin' tell 'em
Commin' if they commin'
Stop al they gum bampin' know I'm
Dumpin' on somethin'
And leavin' empty rounds all over
The ground, you can say one thing
But stak, I put it down

I held tennessee down on the west coast
When you don't go no further left without being in the ocean
Time squre, been there thinkin'
Of young buck, pete gates and mac nair
I swear on everything holy to me
The only way to stop me is
By puttin' holes through me

Ya hoes to me, I ain't scared nereone
Of ya'll and you gonna f* ** around
And make my people burry one a ya'll
We can start a label an call body snatchers
Be the reason they don't show up
At the party after the show
Man I don't need no extra doe

You ain;t trin' ta get robed
For your necklece hoe
(Ha ha)
These rappers with dimonds
And lexas' lookin' a lot like lunches and breakfastes'
Yo ima have to pay my light bill regaurdless
Thus explainin why I'm heartless

7 Albums, hunderd thousands
Local rapped 'em outa towned 'em
Hit 'em hard every swing
Reputaition's everything
Never came fake or fronted
Gave cash villians what they wanted

Anthems, bangers heated sh*t
Imataters eat a d**k
This the the click that started
The whole sh*t, who you really thought
You was playin' with bitch
We keep 'em commin', street flavor
Murder you with a strap for a peice of paper
Stop now? F* *k naw, f* *k stak? f* *k ya'll
Stop the presses call the florest
They sya he's his pronasouras