Crack cocaine

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So what the fuck you tryin to pull pigs?
Cuz my shit out here is clean, dig?
Least I'm sellin to the felons who don't know no betta'.
Beat me down, pull me ova when I'm drivin,
I'm just a regular guy with a business thats thrivin.
Cuz its hard to make it in this life,
It's a world of heart-ache and pain.
Thats why I'm sellin crystal love to the people,
Thats why I'm sellin them crack cocaine.

Fuck the police man, they always get my gig wrong.
I ain't no criminal, no thief and no liar.
As a market man I'm just the supplia'.
I don't give a fuck how you get the cash to buy it.
And if it's your first time, it's free, just to try it.
Cuz this here sugars much sweeter then mary jane,
This here, bitch, is that mother fuckin' crack cocaine.

I want that, crack cocaine.
I want that, crack cocaine.

(Obs: Autoria e origem duvidosas)