Bob Schneider


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You're totally cracked and baby that's a fact
You need to get back on the right track
You got things to do but they never get done
You know you should be working but it's too much fun
Getting stoned to the bone
Chilling at your home
It's mostly pops and buzzes in your dome

Cause you're a crackhead
You never make it to class
You're a crackhead
You know you'll never pass
You're a crackhead
You say your boss's a jerk
But you're a crackhead
You never make it to work

They call me el clemente and it tickles my toes
For breakfast I like a warm shot of the jos...
... E cuervo tequila and maybe a beer
Because drinking's not a hobby it's a career
I do a wreck check baby then I'm ready to go
Singing one potato two potato three potato four
And I'd do anything for you you know that that's the truth
I only I could remember what it was I's supposed to do

But I'm a crackhead
My head hurts like a bitch
I'm a crackhead
I know that I'll never switch
'cause I'm a crackhead
Jangly glass in my brain
I'm a crackhead
And I'm going insane
'cause I'm a crackhead
I wear my boots to bed
I'm a crackhead
I thought that's what you said
I'm a crackhead
But everything's cool
'cause I'm a crackhead