Cracking Like Pastachio's

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Here is my credentials
Its something so essentials
Get the pad ill get the pencil
Doing donuts like its wenchels
Ima kamakazee thinker ima threat
I roll around the block and hit up homies from the set
Cutting nice like its liqour cuz im quicker out the box
I sport the stance
Make the 'didas with the 3 qaurter sox
Tiga rock non stop
In the car with the fast the flow
Telling these freaks that im cracking like pastachio's yo

The situations chemistry its hitting like the hennesy
Ripping through the soul of the gods in pennententary's
Roll a dice get the craps
Homie where your mind at
Gotta make the money so the law never find that
Ima make the money out the flow
Im cracking like pastachio's yo
Maybe you didnt know
Im switching 4 lanes and yo maybe it aint no thang
And holla at you boy if you see me in da game
Its strange

Throwing like im ganon
With a canon for an arm
And yo im turning up the charm
When i see her at the bar
Im like a cotton candy devil
Yo meanin that im trebble
I look over the offense
Trying to make the playas fumble
Man im on my way to hell and a lil continental
And even though its mines god i'll treat it like a rental
In this simple yo the rearrange
Smack you like im plumber Lane
Fool i think your hiding thangs
Gold chains and diamond rangs

Cut the pie then divide
Smoking weed the supper fly
Do or die true or lie
Dirty money multiply
Look at me look at me greed im greedy
Telling all my homies yo god you dont want to be me
Wat you saw i broke the law
Blazing in a new car
Jazzy as i wanna be
Like im up in Utah
Twinkle twinkle little star money in the cookie jar
Rookies on a rookie car betting with the bookie hard

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