Hoodoo Gurus

Crackin' Up

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Ever since this troubled world began
Every woman and man
Trying to find some purpose in their lives,
A way to survive.
And I'm the same,
I'm not ashamed:
Riddle's my middle name.
I'm not a saint,
I've got no complaints:
There's a lot of worse things I ain't.

I'm crackin' up.

People wanna put their tag on you,
Define what you do,
And you might enjoy some small renown
But it's hard to live down.
Stuck in a mould,
Do what you're told,
A product that's bought and sold,
Made out of straw.
Sentenced before
The Court Of Unwritten Law.

I won't stand for it so I am
Crackin' up.
I've got no time for it so I am
Crackin' up.

Though I hide behind a cool facade
I can't drop my guard,
Almost made myself a nervous wreck
Keeping feelings in check.
You've gotta perform,
Stick to the norm,
Wishing you were never born.
You've gotta behave,
Facing looking brave,
And you'll dig yourself an early grave.

Autor(es): David Faulkner

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