The Bones


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I ain't at the club
I ain't at the bar
Bitch I'm in the streets
Sliding wit' the doors ajar

Roof back and I'm flying
Blunt lit now I'm higher
Hanging out the fuckin' window
Screaming something like a siren
Artifacts look Mayan
Fresh rip, I'm flying
Bitch I'm always buying
Always slowly dying
Berries in the backyard
Apples in the front
Got some oranges in the sideyard
Pick just what she want
Bitch I'm spittin' out the seeds
Feel the grass on my feet
(Ho I'm) laying in the clouds, lookin' up at the sea
Bitch I'm popping like a trunk, in the middle of the summer
In a parking lot bumpin'
See the trunk get to thumpin'
All these bitches know it's me
They see me with the team
They know it's fuckin' Sesh

Wait, wait, wait, ride
Wait, wait, wait, slide
Wait, wait, wait, ride
Wait, wait, wait, slide
(Slide, slide)

Autor(es): Elmo