Cradle Moon

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When I was a little child,
People came in my room and chatted with each other
I was alone, just lost in reading many fairy tales

Every night I flew around the sky
And I rode on a pumpkin carriage
Slept in the forest under witch's spell

Clouds were there in the sky
Birds were singing
The spray of spring was shining without me

Not at all, nothing will change
Even if my life is over
Is there anyone who needs me in this world?

My dear cradle moon
Please never touch me tenderly
My dear cradle
Please leave me alone
My dear cradle
I'm just scared to find happiness and lose it
In the end

A little girl learned that man must keep standing alone
At anywhere and anytime
Even if he's been protected warmly by somebody

A three-years-old girl rode on the train alone
With a canteen and chocolate candy
People often talked to her "that's a good girl"

Became the night, she was crying
Wanted to go home
Longed to see and be with her papa and mama
The ceiling unused to see was just too cold
Only the cradle moon was always there

Tell mom, tell me why
Why must I keep on standing here?
Tell mom, tell me
Will all lives die, after all?
Tell, please tell me
Although nobody needs me!

Well, my little girl
Why are you trembling?
Why don't you come here?
You don't like me?

Just be together
I do need you
Remember that I always need myself at anytime

My dear cradle
Should I keep on walking by myself?
My dear cradle
Should I keep standing without 'you'?
My dear cradle
Please stay with me in anytime
My dear... myself
Please keep 'a will' to stand alone