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It's not broken - it's just not built
I know I'm sick but I don't hope to heal
Let everythig run if it has the strength
I'll catch up to you... full length

Sleep, baby, sleep sleep
Hold your fears
We all wake up just to murder dreams
Sleep, baby, sleep sleep
Don't you cry
If you wish to live you must let dreams die

It's not a cure - it just doesn't cause pain
It's alright - it just feels insane
You got a small heart...
You're dumb to think it hurts
We're not deaf we just don't use words

Sleep, baby, sleep sleep
You'll wake up dead
You live in a dream we don't understand
Sleep, baby, sleep sleep
You'll wake up dead
We'll plant a rose in your empty bed

All I can do for you
Is let you chase things I'll never mean to you
I gotta let you find out
I'm not the one you need
Gotta let you find out
You better let me bleed

Sleep, baby, sleep sleep
Don't lose your head
You can't believe everything your dreams once said
Sleep, baby, sleep sleep
Where is your head?
We've had about enough now...
We're burning your bed.

I'll just close my eyes...