Anal Cunt

Cranking My Band's Demo On A Box At The Beach

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'm on the beach crankin' my band's sound
The bitches know we're the hottest around
Their pussies getting hot, juicy, and wet
Cause we're the best band they've heard yet

[Pre chorus:]
I like girls, I like metal, I live for pussy, I like getting laid

Crankin' my bands demo on a box at the beach (x4)

I'm in the sun, I'm getting hot and tan
There's a line of 50 sluts who want to fuck me in the back of my van

[Pre chorus]

I see you there, in your tight bikini, gonna drag you to the back of my van, and make you suck on my weenie!

I'm on the stage, I'm burning fast and loud
Gonna have my roadie give backstage passes to all the sluts I pick from the crowd

[Pre chorus]


Autor(es): Josh Martin / Seth Putnam

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