Crank It Up

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Well its the Big Show
Its a big fat Show tonight
Well its the Big Show!
Crank it up, turn on them lights!
(turn them on)

Ooooo get ready for something
That you've never known
You wont see it coming
But i promise you'll know

(oh yeah)

Well its the Big Show
Come to set everything right
|(set them right)
Yeah its the Big Show
He's gonna burn this house down tonight
(burn it down)

Yeah you're time's over
You're times gone around
Stand up to me
Then i'll plant you in the ground!

Oh Mr. Big Show
Gonna burn it down



Well its the Big Show
Its a big fat show tonight
(cmon its tonight baby)

Oh yeah its the Big Show!
Cmon Crank it up turn on them lights!

Well get ready for something
That you'll never know
Too Late for running
It's time for the show

Time to get even
(for them lies that you told)

To the Big Show

Ohhhhh yeah!
To the Big Show

Burn it down!

Oh yeah

Ohh its coming

Turn up them lights
Turn up them lights!

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