Write This Down

Crash And Burn

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So take a moment, just to think about how it works
And how I tried to change the outlook
Cause it went from being a band, to a business plan
And I already know that I screwed up the fast track
Broken alone and miles from home
So we drove through the night because we had to survive on what our parents gave us
I crash and burn
Just like I always do
I live and learn the truth
I gotta get back to things that I once loved
Back to what I know
Disasters and gamblers and failures can't brake me down
So take a moment, to figure out what to do
And walk away from all the miscues
And the cautionary tales and the present thrills
And I already know about delusions and set backs
Nothing but gifts to take the hits
To get back in the van and just pray the chance on what our parents gave us
Come hell, high water, I won't give up

Autor(es): Write This Down

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