Crash Crash Crash

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Under Pressure in Disguise
Vividly Alerted
Meanwhile Failure Alibis
Are Hopefully Diverted
Apprehend the Danger Rush
Transcendental Donors
Implement the Bloody Slash
Together With Unholy Morons

Generate Colossal Wastes
Victimized By Silence
Ain't Healthy Ain't Chaste
Sweltering In Irons
Parricidal Harmony
Sinful Detestation
Idiotic Hammering
Vigorous Temptations

Keep Knocking Them into the Face, We Do It
Keep Routing Them
Crash Crash Crash
Keep Scratching the Enemy Dust, We Love It
Quite Ready to Turn Up Toes
Feel Easy To Violate, We Need It
More Efforts to Crash Crash Crash
So Eager To Overstep the Limits
Hardly Leaving a Piece on the Earth

Try To Paint the Town Red
Blow Your Brains, Fume and Fret
Hails Of Fire, a Truce to Pains
Toss Aside Devout Tales
Counterworks, Outlined Profiles
Handy Weapons Are Devised
Wreck Your Morals in Excitement
Sentiments Should Be Despiteful

Heads Are Broken
Bums Are Woken
That's My Token
That's My Sign
Lives Are Taken
What a Shakedown
With My Armies
I'm Alright
Ruination, Devastation
Waving Hatred Is Beastly White
Profanation, Dislocation, Condemnation
I Get High

Jumbled Recklings Are Drawn Up
Disciplined, Embittered
Eyes Are Glassy, Moths Are Shut
Everyone's conceited
Brimstone Smoke, Causticity
Whacking Execration
Savage Fighting Tooth and Nail
Together With Unholy Morons

Autor(es): Grenouer