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All of your words turned into lies
I was waiting for an answer, but the answer lost the way
Memories of you, looks of cold eyes
I was keeping up the firewall, but the wall it burned today

Turn the knife right inside of me
I don't care cause now I learned to see
Now you pay the price and you lost control
For your heart of ice made you miss your goal
And every helping hand you proudly pushed aside
It's the truth you have to hide

All of your gods they feed your pride
Now you try to sing a love song
But no love is left for you
Some you could fool but you do ride

On the train of power games
And it's all you ever do

For many years now you tried to tell me
What is wrong and what is right
After all I had to find out,
What you considered to be right
Was only convenient for you
Oh you were talking sense
And you love to make people believe,
Wisdom would be dripping from your lips
But I stood in the fire,
A gun for hire,
And played your game
And finally killed the flame

Autor(es): Helge Engelke