Chris Webby

Crashing Down

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Chris Webby:
I'm at the bottom of the barrel, the end of the blunt
The edge of the cliff, feelin' my brain tellin' me to jump
The struggle in my heart, me and you we don't bleed the same
And with probation I can't even burn to ease the pain
I've been down and out, kicked out, locked up
For that stupid shit way back at Hofsra, lots a
Stress everyday suit and tie go to court
And I try to pull it together of course
But everyday I'm

Daniel Zavaro:
I'm crashing down, first I fall apart
Then I get back up when I hit the ground
I'm crashing down, can't stop my flows
Cause baby you don't know how long I been down

Chris Webby:
I'm feelin' frustrated, fed up with all this rap stuff
Down so long, how you expect me to get back up?
Bail money, lawyer money, how I'm supposed to answer that?
Fuck gettin' paid, I'm just tryna pay my parents back
I'll be settlin' my debt until I sell a millie
Although I'm happy I'm not sittin' in a cell
I really feel like rock bottoms just a couple steps in front of me
I guess God feels he's gotta punish me
So I keep

Chris Webby:
Every thing I've ever known is crashin' down around me
The stressors in my life about to drown me
Drink until I'm drowsy, hopin' for the best
Cause now I just got to many people I must impress
They say I've got some Shady in me, and just maybe Webby is next
That's a hell of a lot of pressure, but an excellent rep
So I'll heckle my competition, get ahead of the rest
Maybe what they say is true, and I was meant for success
Yes, so now my biggest enemy is my personality
Tryin' to stay away from all the drugs they use to balance me
Tryna stay away from the trouble that used to draw me in
Just tryna focus on the music and the audience
I gotta have these inner demons all defeated
If I plan to be successful, and I will you best believe it
I'm on to do this rappin' shit, I mean it
SO when I crash down into the ashes I'll arise like the phoenix
And I

Autor(es): ,Daniel Zavaro