Ancestral Legacy

Crash Of Silence

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I have been warned,
against this maze,
a hazard in this century,
is this world's haze.
Judgement day -enter the gate,
let the future take control.
There's no victory,
in this life's journey,
tell me what's the story,
there ain't no glory.
Judgement day -enter the gate,
let the future take control.
Playing with death, playing with fire,
sensing the breath, of nocturnal desire.
What is this place, beneath this glaze?
The eternal centre of the twilight zone,
a single voice explains the crash of silence.
Break free - from my fantasy, run away - from my dreams. Here's the call - from a higher power, here comes hell -from up above.
Echoes of thunder - explosion of birth, a sound of destruction - the distance to earth.
Where is my shelter - what is the answer? there's no mercy - there's no faith left.
This is the moment - this is the end, trapped in this silence - this darkness forever.

Autor(es): Elin Anita Omholt

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