Heltah Skeltah

Crate Unkown

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Ruck Im telling you man cut it out
Yo...we embarked on this nocturnal excursion in order to exchange
conversation with these mortals not to play games for real behind
great Ruck theres a Rock the Rockness Monsta.....Dutch
Verse One: Rockness Monsta
Yo its the Rockness not Rock live
Then again im Rock when im live
But im not fat then again my dick is so fat
fans let your dick's fly (PLOW! PLOW! PLOW!)
Swift and changeable no style, be Rock style
Not foul, but play with me at your own risk and I might not smile
You get with the pawn, in one arms
I dont fight clean, flow like a butterfly, sting like a scorpion
On the tip of a sick ding-a-ling, bring the noise with your peeps
We up in this space deep, wit' nines like Star-Fleet, ah fuck
God bitch ass rappers, and P i'll trap ya, then like a federal case
crack ya
Word to my man Don Rulla, i'll cold beat your crew up
If it gets thick then number two-a, pass me the ruler
Click Click...Booya!!
Chorus2x: Rock< If you dont know like I know, then act like you know ,
like I know
(Rock: I beat's more ass than mom dukes leather belta)
(Ruck:'Cause Rock make cops throw Glocks Down like Heather)
*The Crate Unknown* (background)
Verse Two:
I turn this upside down, clown
Watch me and you'll get the picture, if ya dont understand
Why I be the Mr. Flipster, rhyme deliverer
Nine slug through your spine, and leave you on the floor vibratin'
like a
pulled line
Find the robbies, lurking in the dark ally
With more nigga, than a motherfuckin' guard rally
Tally up all the throats, the strangle hold choke
that all my the riots that my brother Ruckus provoke, dont like style?
I dont give a WHAT, cuz you bring the beef, and the Rock
I'll Rock you buck you one time, so cover you by the loggins
Machete I chop that beef you pop, and feed it to my nigga doggen
Follow the trail of broken backs and, at the end of each you'll find
standing with my blackjack, with a smith and wessin on my side smoke
another gat
(Ruck: Southern Illinois be the act for the attack)
XXXX your Street Fighter, front if you wanna get hyper
I strap on bombs and blow your face up like Stryker
Yo representatives light up another Reggie Spliff, while i dip, by the
*Kiss* big up to the ill bitch
Chorus4x: RockI know
In sequence after chorus (Rock: Rockness Monsta, stomp ya)
( Never changin', forever face rearangin' )
( You asked for it who want beef so here's war)
4x : I see the horizon the Crate Unknown (background)
Ruck: We will, we will Rock you
Verse Three:
Question (What)
Yo, who's the crew with the juice tryin' to front (What!)
Yo money, yo life and wars all I want (What!)
Bring all beef to Bedrock I got my gun (What!)
Niggas soft as burger buns (What!What!)
Front man shit, spit
On the grave of the weak, when i speak, my tongue as nasty as a freak
Im in a inner state of, inner mind
Which inner twines, with my inner body now im energizes
Its an insane shame, you can ask Ricky Steen
Order b-cheese be sweatin' ,no shorties only gettin' green
BLING! the sound then im ghost, gone, me and Sean
Your shit's now paid for the Tron, need i go on you damn right
Im foul as fuck, so if I should go to the line and shoot two (ah, shit
Like James Bond I shoot to kill, Helter Skelter's here
Try square with me, clean a man like Mr. Belvedeere
Born in a place so far away it's prehistoric, Bedrock
No regular man survive that ? , from the age of stone
To the age of chrome, from Bedrock to Bucktown my fuckin' names known
Chorus4x: Same as Top
In sequence after chorus (Rock: Military Punisher Rock MP)
(Manson punishin' and keep robbing like Danville)
(Scar on my face but im not Al Pacino)
(Run for guns me and Tuck comin' through, Heltah Skeltah)
Ruck: We will, We will
Rock: We will Rock you, motherfuckin' knock you, act like you
know me
of the darkness Heltah Skeltah....We will, We will Rock
you...Word is Born>
8x: I see the horizon the Crate Unknown *from background to

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