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It's the world to which only we have the right
Although only one gene differents us from fly
Ideas, values created in one goal
Next curtains to hide the craving for power
When the paradise and hell permeat
And you don't even know if you are there
Freedom you have believed, has always been a myth
Remember, someone always controls your destiny
For every balance of profits and losses
Someone pays somewhere milions of tears
How much bullshit must we believe?
Even they have got lost in it all
The world which has been decaying
For thousands of years
And every millennium gives birth to the prophets of mess
Mad man and fool might be a king here
Man is only an accident at work
Who will give us back the wasted time?
Is there anyone to take over the guilt?
The infernal algorithm where there are no answers
The trial of comfortis only our destiny
Every Day you choose your time
Let your instinct be your oracle
You have risen to wipe out your ancestors' stigma
You are the key to the future