Van Velzen


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On our way home down the same road
I can feel it again
The floor beneath both of us
Is trembling now, because the words are shaking

Telling me now doesn't change anything
You're tellin' me how I should've done something else
But how can I be guilty of a crime of you started
Stop right there, cause you can do better

I'm not gonna crawl
That's not what I want
I'm not afraid to stand where the others turned and ran
If you have to cry I'll make your tears mine
You're the one I want but I'm never gonna crawl

Standing outside thinkin' how lucky I was
Hittin' my stride, bein' there with you
But now it's like your emotion wants to claim
Something gone so wrong
But you can do better

I won't make that mistake
No, I'm gonna change that
You can't lead me astray
From your heart
Somewhere deep in your soul
There's a way to get out
All you hurt
And make this matter