Corrosion of Conformity


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Behind the bars, can't feel the scars
Scars that won't heal wasted potential
Potential vaporization
Incineration of doubt burn away
Sadness tears evaporate
Forget the forgotten consumed
By those who brought them
Reality comes crawling crawling
Reality crawling
The wound has healed but no healed right
It's time to open up to the air of the night
Condescending eyes haunting crawling
In my mind haunting haunting my life
Lying to yourself to dull the pain
Long uried feelings infect you agian
The time has come to exorcise
Disinfect the lies bad spirits arise, arise
Symbolic dreams fo broken chain
Faith-reassurance was your crutch cane
So many things never realized
Stand up to your now before your eyes
In a ceremoney set up in your head
You reckon with forsaken dead
On a judgment hill beneath the moon
You realized you spoke too soon
Crawlin crawling reality crawling
The time has come to exorcise
Disinfect the lies bad spirits arise
What direction wlecomes you?
Which inviting path do you choose
Crawling crawling reality

Autor(es): Corrosion of Conformity

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