Crawling Out From the Crypt

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Ancient tombstones conceal the myths of time
Mourners weeping at the graves of souls lost
To the wretched ones encased in rot and decay
Darkened scriptures will bring the dead back to life


The book of Death gives the power to summon
From the graveyard they are beckoned to live again
Smell of rotting flesh is in the night air
Up from hell they rise to feast on your skin

Craving...Your flesh

Shrieking mutants, undead creatures, zombies from the grave

Crawling Out From The Crypt
Crawling Out From The Crypt
Crawling Out From The Crypt
Crawling Out From The Crypt

Living corpses, hellish demons, monsters from the tomb

Take your last breath before they come and you die
Feel your flesh peel as the beasts attack you again
No escaping the torture from the ghoulish outbreak
The cemetery has erupted with zombies

Craving...Your flesh

Autor(es): Elektrokutioner

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