Michael Franks

Crayon Sun Safe At Home

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Makes no difference where you go
Every journey ends.
Each new landscape now you know.
Is a steping-stone
Till you're safe at home.

Purple clouds, grey winds that rage,
Lightning lines pale white-
Choose new colors, turn the page
Where there is no storm
And you're safe at home.

Crayon sun above you
In a blue crayon sky
Little one, I love you
You're the reason that
I am here.

Once inside just close the door
Leave the world behind.
Love is what we're living for
Love and love alone
To be safe at home.

You asleep in my arms under crayon
By the opal pool.
All the long afternoons in the crayon
By the opal pool.
And both of us safe at home.
And everyone safe at home.

Autor(es): Michael Franks

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