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it's not my fault,
it wasn't up to you.
christmas eve comes once a year
and that will never do.
your image started fading,
i closed my eyes to see.
tell me do you close your eyes for me?

now your door seems half a world away,
the price of gasoline is more than i can pay.
plus i don't have a car
i can call my very own,
i guess i'll spend another night alone.

if i could say that i'm sorry,
who would i say it to?
besides apologies mean less than dirt to folks like me and you.
you know it's true.
should i say too bad, or so what?
what's appropriate? should i show it?
call you on the phone and let you know it?

back at my house there's nothing on tv,
the bathroom mirror casts confusing looks from me to me.
i watched you from a distance,
for too briefly held you close,
i guess that's just the way this story goes.