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You keep on fooling around
In this part of the town
They call you abbey, not your real name

You smell like cheap perfume
The kind that fills the room
You keep on driving all the men insane

So, you dress in red every night
To match the color of your lips
I hate to say but i love your way

I keep following you around
Crawling on the ground
Even the devil wants me to stay away

Cause you make me crazy
Yes you do

But i cannot stand, baby
To be far from you

Cause you make me crazy
Yeah, yes you do

You leave a lipstick mark
On every whisky you drink
Another shot to numb the pain

It's just the way you move
You never miss the groove
That keeps driving all the man insane

So, you lay in my bed tonight
Tomorrow you sleep with him
But i want to make you mine again

I've been counting my dimes
Just to get another round
That is the price that i'm willing to pay