Special Ed


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One day, let's just say that I was bored
I went for a ride in my new accord
Sucker mc's were standin outside
Talkin bout, yo ed, let me get a ride
I said, you're already ridin on mine
He raised his tone, and out came the chrome from behind
(better back up, nigga) now continue with yourself
And don't step any further, cause it's bad for your health
And your wealth and your future
Cause I don't wanna have to shoot ya - (booya!)
And then I went into the store
I wanted some chips, it's a dollar for 4
I gotta get some juice and a loosey
I used to smoke, now it's only 1 or 2, see?
I'm not a bad guy, but I got bad habits
I was raised in the place where they grab it
If they want it (brooklyn) but I'm not a thief
Plus I'm not a punk, so don't pop junk or beef
You must be crazy

Autor(es): Ed Archer / Dominic Owen / Fabian Hamilton