Phil Vassar

Crazy Life

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I rise and stumble from the bed
It wakes the worries in my head
And I pour myself a bowl of Cheerios
I think about the good and bad
The happiness outweighs the sad
And the balance evens out the highs and lows
Today, there's lessons to be learned
There's progress to be made
Tomorrow, I can say, "I'm a little older and wiser."

It's a crazy life, a crazy life
It keeps you on your toes
You never know what lies in store for you
Or where it's gonna go
Hellos, goodbyes, you laugh or cry
You're free to pick and choose, you win or lose
You're either wrong or right
Yeah, it's a crazy life

I think of lovers come and gone
And the people I've depended on
And I subtract the pleasure from the cost
Except for maybe two or three
They've drifted far away from me
Or maybe I'm the one who's gotten lost
But you can never go back home, no matter how you try
And once you've said, "Goodbye."
You've said it all and its over

[Chorus: x2]

Oh, yeah, it's a crazy life

Autor(es): Phil Vassar

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