Freddie Mercury

Crazy Love

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I met her when I was 16
A common "friend" introduced us
Did she like me?
Yes, she did
Did I like her?
No, I didn't like her
I loved her
It was passion, love at first sight
She really drove me crazy
And I didn't know how to live without her
But the world didn't want that love
My parents didn't approve of it, so I had to see her secretly
And when that became impossible, I didn't know what to do
I wanted her
I needed her
So when I didn't have her
Things really got out of control
I wrecked the car
I broke all the doors and windows in my room
I almost killed my sister
Why did I do that?
I had a passion for her
I went crazy when I didn't have her
Today, I'm 45
I'm a terminally ill patient in a hospital
And I know I'm going to die pretty soon
There's no one around me now
No family, no friends and of course she's not here now
Did I tell you her name?
I owe her my love
My life
My destruction and my death

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