Laura Nyro

Crazy Love

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Gypsy man the river has seen our lost melodies
with their notes so warm moon banjo
down a river in the breeze
he was singin' catfish blues, split apart, shot through the heart
why did you make me feel this need?

crazy love, my name is in your blood
and what your true love's done to me

you blew through my life some fleeting years ago
from the midwest plains and rivers
to find the peace to grow

I was burning and you walked soft
talked soft
like an animal on silent feet on a block of snow
you were looking for a true love to light the way

but it's all gone
with your deer's eyes
and your ways of steel
you could travel miles and miles
in a blind reel
but I'd know you, crazy love
and turn my foolish heart away

oh, my lover, father of my unborn star
I may ache behind your snake-cold back
but my will is as strong as you are

with your deer's eyes I know so well
your ways of steel
I wonder if I ever knew you?

crazy love, it's a crazy love

I'm empty from your weakness
pregnant with the knowledge
and the flame of your true love

Autor(es): Laura Nyro

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