Jupiter Coyote

Crazy Women

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I knew a little girl not long ago She took a liking to me She opt to take a ride for a while On a horse she thought she could tame So wild and free She always had to have her way Guess she liked it better that way Wanted me to build her a happy home Now she's livin' all alone in Dallas, Texas
Chorus: Crazy women That's the only kind I know Crazy women Keep me running for the door Crazy women I guess they're all the same Crazy women Got my foolish heart to blame
I knew a little girl not long ago innocent and sweet she seem to be Beauty and grace she wore, so preciously She aimed to please. But a suit of pride could not hide a heart that was full of insecurity A truck load of dreams she missed rolled off in the streets of immaturity (Kickback Jerry)
Norvil knew a girl when he was young She was so alive, so high-strung out on crack, qualudes and LSD She had a plan for everything thought she knew what was best for him He got tired of being told what he should be Now he's he and she is she As for happiness there is no lack and Norvil's never looking back
She said she was leaving me Walking in my front door yesterday Since she's gone away, I haven't seen My place look quite that way One too many drinks I guess She stuck a pistol in my chest My life's too short to live like that I think it's time I get my hat And my walking shoes

Autor(es): Jim Bickerstaff / John Felty / Matthew B. Mayes