Battery 9

Create Something New

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It seems to me that there's something you missed
Make me something that didn't exist
Rip that rotten monkey out of its silk
Poison those sacred cows that you milk

'Cause you just talk about it
You just do the spew
Do me a favour
Create something new

There's another thing you tend to ignore
The applause you wanted just turned to a snore
You're all bark and no bite
If you were a lager you'd be light

'Cause you just yak about it
So scared of the do
Have the courage to compare now
Create something new

Now I won't listen when you speak
Because you place yourself above critique
Just show me something that you made yourself
And I'll extend your expiry date and take you off the shelf

'Cause you just talk about it
You just do the spew
Come on, impress me
Create something new

Make me something new