Miss May I


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How could you say you know who I am
Do you even wonder why I'm here?
The thoughts play back in your head like a film that has been stuck on repeat
Imagine that this picture of me is painted for you
A portrait is made to hold a moment and moments wish they could live
Lets make this last become the real life art
Time wont catch us if we refuse to dry
Changing as we settle into our canvas of eternity
Hung on a wall that was built for you and I

Here we are once again and we are the same
You will see all of this and we will remain the same
We are all artwork cant you see
No one will see you like I do
Why cant you believe?
No one will see you like I do

We are all art if seen in my eyes
Seen through the sky that magnifies beauty
Open your eyes see what I see
You will never go back to being blind and dull
See what I see